Start selling custom merchandise with zero initial outlay, with proceeds going directly to your business.


This is how it goes down.

Below is the step by step process we take to help businesses generate funds from merch sales.


It’s as easy as one, two, free!

Getting your merch purchasable and getting paid requires less steps than a microwave easy-mac-pack and costs you nothing! Register here using our online form, follow the simple steps and we will send you a verification email asap. Registration doesnt cost you anything and we’re not going to sell your details to telemarketers. Although, you never know what might happen – desperate times call for desperate measures, right?


Supply your own artwork or select a design from our presets.

Got a banger design that hasn’t seen the light of day? Or do you have a mate sitting on the Job Seeker payment that has plenty of time to whip something cool up? Or perhaps you want to run with a simple design and just use your OG logo – whatever the case, shoot us over your design to get this party started. If you have absolutely nothing, no stress! We have a team of dedicated designers that can easily whip up something that will make your jaw drop.


We generate digital content for your social channels.

Using your artwork or artwork we’ve created for you – we will turn this into a handful of seriously-good-looking digital content for you to use on your various social channels. Like, vintage-Brad-Pitt good looking. This will generally be in the format of photos, mock-ups or illustrations to accentuate your design’s gorgeous jaw-line.


Your merch is made live, now get it out there!

Your merch is now live on El LoCo and ready to be purchased nation wide. It’s now your turn – share your product to as many followers you can find and ask them to support local and buy a garment on presale! There is a limited timespan to purchase your product on our online store, before we will need to close the doors to orders, purchase stock and get printing!

Remember, these garments are hand printed in batches and are generally limited run – one offs – so make sure people don’t miss out!


When the timer finishes – we send you the proceeds directly.

Once your merch is live on our store – each design will be purchasable for two weeks only. So it’s really important to get them up on socials as soon as possible and get people buying your merch. Once this period runs out – you get paid, it’s that simple! Our tees have a recommended retail price (rrp) of $35 on our online store, each unit costs $20, with the remaining margin earnt by you as soon as the timer ends.

Sold 50 shirts? That’s a $750 in your account and you haven’t even left the couch! Sold 100? That’s $1500. You get the idea.


It’s now production time!

The rest is on our sturdy shoulders. As soon as the timer has finished – your blank garment stock is ordered (which can take up to 7 days to recieve) and is booked into our print schedule. Once the stock lands in our warehouse we inspect, load and print all of your merch by hand.

As each garment is printed, they are visually inspected for quality assurance and heat cured for a garment that will last your customers years and yeeears.


We dispatch directly to your customer.

Once we have finished with production, all orders are then individually packaged up (with biodegradable enviro-bags!) and sent out direct to your supporters and fans.

And that’s it.

Your supporters still love you, you’ve made a crust, we’ve covered costs, and the community is kicking around in the latest threads without having to wade through a shopping mall.