El LoCo is a local Collaborative effort aimed at helping business generate an alternative income through the sale of limited edition, hand printed garments – specifically for supporters of local business.

The birth of El Loco came about in a very sudden way, as did the news that we are involved in a global pandemic. With our news feeds filled with old and new clients  saying they will be closing their doors for the foreseeable future, some unsure if they will open again we knew collectively there were some hurdles in front for all of us.

Heads down, ass up as the song goes – we got to thinking and came up with El LoCo! A platform for sole traders, small business or large business alike, geared up ready to sell awesome looking merch nation-wide with zero up-front costs – times are tough if you haven’t noticed.

Costs are all obsorbed through the sale of each garment, and margins are payed directly to the business that signs up, even before we start the print run. The only thing businesses need to do is flout their merch link on socials, with every sale putting  profit into the direct hands of a local bar, café or artist – which will make the world of difference.

It’s a whole lot of extra work on our end, but it’s just one way that businesses all over are evolving to keep bread on the table, and keep business doors open – both yours, and ours. All in all, it’s a pretty crazy concept, that’s why we settled with a crazy name.

As Andre-3000 had Bigboi in Outkast, El Loco has Short Batch – not as glamourous but is the powerhouse behind the operation that powers the gears of hand printed quality merch that our clients have come to love.

Short batch is found in a funky little studio in the heart of Rockingham with walls covered in art, ears filled with music and is powered by four hardworking gents with a passion for threads …. and beer (Steve, Jeff, Russ and Alehandro the manikin). Safe to say this isn’t your run of the mill operation but one thing is for sure, we take the art of screen printing very seriously. It’s not just a tee to us.

These guys have been around for eons! producing the highest quality design, web and print, they are the precursor to both Short Batch and El LoCo, birthing both businesses from the depths of their studio. With a fully skilled team of insanely talented and equally crazy graphic designers, web developers and digital content creators, they give the sprinkle of chocolate to the ever so flavoursome cappuccino that is Short Batch & El Loco.

If you need help putting together a shirt design for your merch run, or equally want to pull the trigger on a full on brand campaign, these guys have you covered. Have faith in the fact that if you need a design done through El Loco – it’s going to have the midas touch of Media Engine to boot.